The Second Hand Trade

Fast Fashion has become so incorporated into our lives and style routine that people tend to forget how much of an big impact it has . Some brands have even incorporated new collections in addition to the main spring/summer and autumn/winter, in order to drive clients to new items and to, consequently, increase sales.

My wardrobe is, at the moment, 50% second hand clothing. I always found the process of selecting vintage items relaxing; trying to understand who was the previous owner and why did he/she discard such an item. I am usually asked if I think wearing clothing belonging to other people will effect my own energy balance (yes, a lot of people ask me this!), well my answer is….. no.

Personally, I think the process of buying clothing should be more romantic; the quest for that special item, the first visual contact, the physical experience and the subsequent falling in love. That is why we often transfer part of us into the item, with the belief that it is going to make us happy, allowing a flow of good energy.

Second hand clothing permits us to be creative, selective and to express ourselves through clothes without the pressure of looking trendy or without spending too much money.

By recycling or reusing second hand clothes, we are decreasing the carbon footprint and increasing the product’s lifespan, and not allowing the clothing to pile in a landfill. By selecting our own clothing from a rail full of items from different cultures or eras, we are creating our own self expression and not allowing fast fashion to dictate our style.

Also, mending clothing is a plus: its useful ,relaxing and prevents the fast discard of imperfect items.

So…if you want to make a difference regarding sustainability and fashion, you have the power to do it! If you do like specific brands and you are not yet ready to get rid of them, inform yourself first about where those clothes come from. Not all the second hand clothing is part of ethical clothing, and that is when we need to apply our morals and knowledge, selecting between new and old.

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