About Green Taja

Green Taja’s goal is to provide a thought provoking and interesting platform for issues regarding Sustainability and Fashion. The themes about sustainability and “green” are already present in in reality to some extent, but how much sustainable practice do we actually put in our daily lives?

I am a vegan Fashion student with an endless love for animals and a greater connection with Nature. I noticed a lack of awareness regarding sustainable options, fast fashion is shaping our identity; factories destitute of regulations, clothing made at the cost of animal cruelty, sweatshops and many many other startling realities. That is why I decided to study this subject in order to gain more knowledge and find alternatives to this reality.

I am currently studying Fashion Styling and Production at London College of Fashion. All the pictures in the blog are taken by me (except the photo shoots). I am the stylist and producer of my shoots and I only work with sustainable clothing, second hand clothing from charity shops, recycling materials and natural fruit/vegetables or flowers.

You can contact me for styling collaborations or photo shoots about sustainability & ethics.

Green Taja is a constant work in progress, where the goal will always be to maintain high levels of research, to promote the ideals of sustainability, to show my work, to constantly discuss and learn from other sustainable fellows and most importantly to make new contacts and friends who have a desire to make planet Earth more Green.

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