Photo Shoot with Veggies

As a Fashion Styling & Production student, I am asked to do several photo shoots during my academic year. This shoot is amongst my favourites, the theme Death is important because I wanted to portray it as a process of change and progress; we need to let go old of habits in order to acquire new ones. This theme was then directly incorporated with the values of Sustainability and Vegetarianism.

“Veggies Don’t Scream” is a photo shoot made with only fruit, vegetables and flowers. All the necklaces and headpieces were handmade by me with patience and care. I got my inspiration from the goddess Kali, a powerful female figure who in the shoot also represents Mother Earth.

When the shoot was over, some fruit was eaten and some were given to the birds.

Styling & Production @taja_asiul
Photgrapher @jamesrgee
MUA @gurpalbansal
Model @lana.maciver

I hope you all like it!

F - 1
Veggies Don’t Scream
F - 4
Veggies Don’t Scream
F - 5
Veggies Don’t Scream
F- 3
Veggies Don’t Scream
F - 2
Veggies Don’t Screa

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